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Dzik  (Contributor)


Class: Assassin
Ladder: Yes
Expansion: Yes
Hardcore: No (Softcore)
Platform: PC
Bnet ID: Dzik#21914
Discord ID: Dzik#9948
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Contributor • Helped with the growth of significantly through data input, descriptions, or informative forum posts.

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Joined: 3 months ago
Last active: 1 month ago

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Total posts: 410
Topics started:  381

Most active forum: Contributions
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Most active topic: Baezil's Vortex
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Data contributions: 381
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I love assassin too much, but I will most likely start with blizzard sorceress and scum Mephisto with moat trick. 2 months ago
@Fellowship Ah, I must have missed that, I was out of state for almost a week. In that time the number of members more than doubled, so I'm catching u… 2 months ago
@Fellowship is doing God's work, the amount of detail in your guides is astonishing. There were some interactions i wasn't aware of (Who the hell chec… 2 months ago
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